Reflecting on the early days of starting your Glass sector company, what were the major hurdles you encountered and how did you navigate through them?

When I initially launched my company in the glass sector, I encountered significant hurdles such as establishing a customer base, navigating competition, managing revenue, and handling suppliers. To address these obstacles, I prioritized cultivating customer relationships, ensuring accuracy in dealings, maintaining reliability, and consistently delivering top-notch product quality. This approach fostered customer loyalty, resulting in a steady influx of satisfied customers who, in turn, attracted new business. Additionally, I set my offerings apart from competitors by providing products aligned with market demands, a crucial move given the limited product range prevalent 15 years ago. Emphasizing top-tier quality and exceptional customer service, we strived to exceed expectations by delivering products ahead of schedule whenever possible.

Regarding revenue management, I enforced stringent budgeting and financial planning measures to sustain the financial health of my enterprise. Credit is also due to my wife, whose astute evaluation of situations and proactive decision-making complemented my own efforts, propelling the company’s growth. Beyond her role as a dedicated mother to our two children, she has been an invaluable partner in elevating Roland Glass to its current standing.

Supply chain complexities, particularly concerning raw materials and manufacturing components, posed challenges in the glass manufacturing sector. To mitigate potential delays, I established robust partnerships with suppliers, maintained prompt payment practices, diversified resources, and built reserves to weather industry crises. By fostering close ties with local suppliers, I ensured a stable supply chain, safeguarding against the shortages that plagued many competitors.

Persistence, innovation, strategic foresight, and the support of family were pivotal in surmounting the initial obstacles of launching a business in the glass industry.

How has the glass industry evolved since your company's inception and what have been the main drivers of change?

I have witnessed a significant evolution in the glass industry over the past decade. In fact, glass has undergone more technological and industrial developments during this period than it did in the entire previous century. Technological advances have been one of the main drivers of change in the industry. Automation and digitization have revolutionized the way glass is produced and processed, leading to increased efficiency and accuracy. Sustainability and environmental concerns have also been major drivers of change in the glass industry. There has been a growing demand for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient glass products, which has led to the development of new materials and coatings that improve insulation and reduce energy consumption. Globalization has played an important role in the evolution of the glass industry as well. Companies have expanded their operations internationally and faced increased competition from overseas manufacturers, leading to a greater focus on innovation and differentiation to stay competitive in the market. Of course, trends in architecture and design have also contributed to the evolution of the glass industry. Architects and designers use glass processing for aesthetic appeal and the creation of unique pieces. Structural glass systems allow for wide facades, creating visually stunning buildings through glass printing. At RolandGlass, our main focus for this decade is export, as well as continued investment in technology. Thanks to my son Ledjon’s dedication, we are confident in his leadership, as he has studied and trained to be the main leader of the sector of glass processing at RolandGlass. In conclusion, the glass industry has evolved to meet the changing needs and demands of consumers, driven by technological advances, sustainability initiatives, and globalization. At RolandGlass, we have adapted to these changes by investing in new technologies, developing sustainable products, and expanding our reach in international markets while still maintaining our domestic presence.

Mr. Roland, could you please highlight some key accomplishments of RolandGlass over the years?

During our two decades of operation, RolandGlass has achieved several significant milestones, including:

Diversification of Product Range: We have effectively broadened our product portfolio to encompass items such as tempered glass, double glazing, and glass printing. This diversification has enabled us to address a wide array of customer needs and preferences.

Customer Loyalty: A crucial achievement for us has been the exceptional level of customer satisfaction we’ve attained. By prioritizing service and quality, we ensure that each customer receives personalized attention and a product tailored to their specific requirements. This focus on detail has fostered a loyal customer base over the past two decades.

Employee Development and Supportive Environment: At RolandGlass, we place a strong emphasis on investing in both technology and our workforce. Our success is intricately linked to our employees, whom we consider part of our extended family. By fostering a positive work environment, providing ongoing training, and supporting professional and economic growth, we aim to create opportunities for personal advancement within our company. For instance, Mr. Ardian Lesaj, who joined us as a young individual 17 years ago, has since become a father. Our hope is that his child, along with other family members of our current employees, will view RolandGlass as a place for employment, growth, and fulfillment in life.

Sustained Growth and Expansion: Since our inception, RolandGlass has experienced consistent growth and expansion, attracting a larger customer base and establishing a presence in the Albanian and Regional markets. Our products now adorn numerous facilities across Europe and America. We have extended our services to cover a broader geographic area and diversified our product lineup to meet the changing demands of our clientele. Our unwavering commitment to progress is not only aimed at the advancement of our company but also at meeting the needs of the local market. We harbor ambitions of expanding into the regional and international export markets.

Innovation and Product Advancement: RolandGlass is dedicated to innovation and continual enhancement, which is evident in our collaborations with industry leaders and investments in cutting-edge machinery from renowned manufacturers such as Glaston, Forel, Bovone, Bottero, and Zafferani.

These achievements have been pivotal in positioning RolandGlass as a respected and thriving entity within the Albanian glass industry, transcending mere financial gains.

In what ways has technology contributed to your company's growth and success in the glass sector?

Technology has played a crucial role in shaping our company’s growth and success in the glass sector, much like in any other industry. It has simplified our processing, enhanced efficiency, and improved the quality of our glass products. Automation and digitization have allowed us to process glass panels with greater precision and consistency.

Our investment in a glass printer has brought innovation to the buildings in Albania and the region, impacting both the facade and the interior glass used in these structures. This investment underscores the transformative impact of technology on our business.

Furthermore, technology has significantly expanded our market reach and visibility. Our professional website, RolandGlass.eu, and our presence on social media platforms have enabled us to showcase our products, engage with customers, and attract new clients.

In addition, technology has facilitated our sustainability efforts by enabling the adoption of environmentally friendly practices in our manufacturing processes. For instance, we have installed energy-efficient equipment such as solar panels covering 1900m2 or 321kw on the upper surface of our facility, reducing energy consumption while promoting sustainability.

Overall, technology has been a driving force behind our company’s growth and success in the glass sector, empowering us to innovate, enhance efficiency, and respond to evolving market demands.

Is RolandGlass PRO environmentally friendly? If so, how has the company's sustainability and environmental responsibility evolved, and what initiatives have been taken to decrease carbon emissions?

RolandGlass is dedicated to being environmentally responsible. Our approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility has evolved over time as we continue to prioritize reducing our carbon footprint and promoting proGreen practices. To reduce carbon emissions, we have invested in energy-efficient equipment and processes to reduce energy consumption during the processing of glass products. This includes a solar panel located on the upper surface of our building, with 321 kw. We are also planning to add another 120kw solar panels to the facade of the building. We have also implemented recycling programs within our facilities to reduce waste. Our goal is to minimize waste generation and maximize the reuse of materials wherever possible to lessen our environmental impact. In addition, we have adopted sustainable packaging solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our product packaging. This includes using recyclable materials and minimizing packaging waste to support environmentally friendly practices throughout our supply chain. We have also established employee training programs and awareness campaigns to educate our staff about sustainability practices and encourage their active participation in reducing carbon emissions. By fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among our employees, we aim to work collectively towards a more eco-friendly future. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is an essential part of our business ethics and guides our decision-making processes as we strive to make a positive contribution to the environment and society.

Mr. Roland, what sets your company apart in the glass sector, and how do you maintain your edge in a competitive market?

As the founder of RolandGlass, over the past 20 years, we have established key factors that differentiate us and contribute to our success:

Quality and Innovation: RolandGlass is renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation. We consistently deliver top-tier glass products with cutting-edge designs and technologies, maintaining partnerships with industry leaders like Guardian Glass and Saint Gobain to uphold our quality standards.

Customer-Centric Approach: Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we tailor solutions to meet individual needs, ensuring personalized service, bespoke products, and timely delivery—even working beyond regular hours or holidays. This focus on customer relationships sets us apart.

Technological Advancements: Leveraging technology to enhance manufacturing processes, boost efficiency, and diversify our product range keeps us at the forefront. Investments in tech and digital solutions enable us to offer state-of-the-art glass solutions that align with market demands.

Continuous Growth and Adaptation: Constantly evolving with market trends, customer preferences, and industry changes, we refine our strategies, products, and services. This agility ensures our competitiveness and innovation in a dynamic market landscape.

Human Capital: At RolandGlass, we value our employees as integral to our success. By nurturing a positive workplace, providing training, and fostering professional and personal growth, we consider our team as family. With half of our staff having over a decade of service, our achievements are intertwined with theirs.

In essence, our commitment to quality, innovation, customer focus, sustainability, technology, and continuous growth distinguishes RolandGlass in the industry. Upholding these core values allows us to lead in a competitive market, maintaining our reputation as a trusted glass processor.

Looking ahead, what are the main opportunities and challenges that you, Mr. Roland, anticipate for the company in the glass sector?

Thank you for the challenging question about predicting the future (laughs). I foresee several key opportunities and challenges for the company in the glass sector as we move forward, and I will categorize them accordingly:Opportunities:

  • Growing demand: With an increasing focus on environmental consciousness among consumers, there’s a shifting market for construction materials, including glass. Through consistency and innovation, we can capitalize on this trend and expand our market presence. Leveraging technologies like automation, digitization, and smart glass solutions can keep us ahead in offering the latest products tailored to customer needs.
  • Global Expansion: The rising demand for glass presents an opportunity for RolandGlass to explore new markets and enhance its international footprint. With the globalization of business, there’s potential to venture into new regions, forge strategic partnerships, and cater to diverse customer segments. By broadening our global reach, we can diversify revenue streams and solidify our position in the glass industry.


  • Market Competition: The glass sector is fiercely competitive, with numerous players vying for market share. To stand out, RolandGlass must differentiate itself from competitors, sustain its competitive edge, and foster ongoing innovation in a crowded market. Staying ahead necessitates proactive measures to gather insights, enhance services, and optimize pricing.
  • Economic Uncertainty: Fluctuations and uncertainties in the economy can impact the demand for glass and related building products. Operating in a sector closely tied to construction, RolandGlass must navigate economic challenges that affect businesses in the glass industry. Adapting strategies to maintain flexibility and stability in the face of visible changes is crucial.
  • New environmental policies: Adhering to environmental norms and regulations poses a challenge for the sector. Ensuring a sustainable and compliant approach towards environmental practices is vital for our operations. Keeping pace with evolving environmental standards demands continuous monitoring and investments in eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Human Resources: The construction workforce is dwindling due to evolving professions, migration, and emerging challenges, posing a direct concern in our sector. To address this, RolandGlass is formulating strategies for employee recruitment, training, and career advancement, ensuring economic sustainability and long-term employment commitments for existing and incoming staff.

Despite the forthcoming challenges, RolandGlass is well-positioned to leverage opportunities in the glass sector by leveraging strengths, fostering innovation, and adapting to a dynamic market landscape. Proactively addressing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities strategically, we are confident in our journey towards future success.

What is your vision for RolandGlass in the coming years as CEO, and what strategies are in place to achieve your goals?

As the CEO of RolandGlass, I have a vision for the company that focuses on maintaining sustainability, driving innovation, and expanding our market presence through exports in the glass sector. To achieve these goals, the Board of RolandGlass and I have developed strategic initiatives and implemented key strategies that align with our vision for the future. We plan to expand our product offerings, enter new markets, and diversify our customer base to become a leading provider of high-quality and durable glass processing products that meet the evolving needs of customers in various industries. Innovation is at the core of our vision for RolandGlass, and we are committed to investing in research and development, leveraging advanced technologies, and introducing innovative glass solutions that set us apart from our competitors. Our goal is to be a pioneer in the glass industry, driving innovation and shaping the future of its products. As the CEO, I am constantly researching and designing strategies for the future, such as “product diversification.” We are focused on expanding our product portfolio to cater to a wide range of applications and industries to achieve our vision of sustainable growth. We are also exploring new markets and geographies to expand our reach and improve our market presence. By establishing strategic partnerships and expanding our distribution network, we can tap into untapped markets and customer segments. Operational efficiency and excellence are critical to achieving our goals, and we are implementing strategies to optimize our processing processes, improve operations, and supply chain management. By improving efficiency and productivity, we can deliver high-quality products, lower costs, and increase profitability. Overall, my vision for RolandGlass is to be a leading, innovative, and customer-focused company. By implementing our strategic initiatives, investing in innovation, and putting the customer first, we are confident in our ability to achieve our goals and drive sustainable growth in the coming years. I am also proud to say that my son, Ledjon Feto, who is very promising, persistent, and always looking for success, will lead Roland Glass in the future.

In conclusion, what advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to enter the glass sector or launch their own business in a competitive industry?
As an experienced entrepreneur in the glass sector, I would like to offer some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry or start their own business in a competitive market. This same advice I give my son: 
  1. Understand the Industry: Before entering the glass sector or any competitive industry, it is essential to conduct thorough research and gain a deep understanding of the market landscape, trends, and key players. Get to know the nuances of the industry, including customer preferences, technological advances, and your company’s identity. 
  2. Identify the Right Sector and Start There: In a competitive industry like the glass sector, identifying the right sector or specialization can set your business apart from competitors and create a unique value proposition. Identify a specific area within the glass industry where you can excel, whether it’s a specific type of glass product, a specific market segment, or a specific service offering. It is better to make one product and excel at it, rather than having several products that are not at the right height. 
  3. Focus on Quality and Innovation: Quality and innovation are key differentiators in a competitive industry. Strive to provide high-quality products or services that meet or exceed customer expectations. Invest in research and development to drive innovation, introduce new solutions, and stay ahead of market trends. Continuous improvement and commitment to excellence can help you stand out in the industry. 
  4. Build Strong Relationships: Building strong relationships with customers, suppliers, industry partners, and stakeholders is essential to success in the glass sector. Nurture these relationships, prioritize customer satisfaction, and keep communication channels open to foster trust and loyalty. Collaboration with key stakeholders can also lead to new opportunities and business growth. Transmit value, be loyal to them, and correct everything you commit to. 
  5. Stay Ready and Adapt: In a competitive industry, it is essential to stay ready, adaptable, and responsive to changing market dynamics. Be prepared to orient your business strategies, be ready for market changes, and seize new opportunities as they arise. Flexibility and willingness to evolve with the industry is key to staying competitive and resilient!
By following these tips and staying focused on your goals, you aspiring entrepreneur will soon become our Colleague.

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