Doro City

Location: Tirane
ClimaGuard Solar + Transparent

Project Highlights:

RolandGlass played a key role in the development of Doro City Hotel, a prestigious accommodation option nestled in the bustling heart of Tirana. Our premium glass solutions contributed to the modern elegance, comfort, and sustainability of this distinguished hotel.


Step into Doro City Hotel and indulge in the perfect blend of contemporary luxury and sustainable design, made possible by RolandGlass’s premium glass solutions. From the sleek facade to the sunlit interiors, every detail reflects our dedication to excellence in hospitality.

Cutting-Edge Glass Solutions:

Throughout Doro City Hotel, RolandGlass provided and installed ClimaGuard Solar + Transparent glass, offering guests a sophisticated combination of thermal insulation, UV protection, and noise reduction. Our state-of-the-art glass technology ensures a tranquil and energy-efficient stay while enhancing the hotel’s architectural beauty.

Sustainable Hospitality:

By incorporating ClimaGuard Solar and Transparent glass into the design of Doro City Hotel, RolandGlass contributed to its sustainability initiatives. Our glass solutions optimize natural light intake, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and lowering overall energy consumption. Guests can enjoy a greener and more environmentally friendly hotel experience without compromising on comfort or luxury.

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