Mondial Hotel

Location: Tirane
Lami 3.3.1 ClimaGuard + Lami 3.3.1


As a leading provider of glass products and solutions, RolandGlass is proud to have contributed to the construction of Mondial Hotel in Tirana. Our expertise in glass fabrication and installation played a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of this luxurious establishment.


Step into Mondial Hotel and experience the seamless integration of glass products from RolandGlass. Our contribution to this project reflects our dedication to delivering innovative glass solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of architectural spaces.

Facade Enhancement:

 RolandGlass supplied and installed Lami 3.3.1 ClimaGuard + Lami 3.3.1 glass solutions for Mondial Hotel’s facade, elevating its visual appeal and providing superior thermal insulation. Our premium glass products enhance the hotel’s exterior aesthetics while ensuring energy efficiency and guest comfort.

Collaboration with Developers:

Our partnership with the developers of Mondial Hotel underscores our commitment to delivering excellence in every project. By collaborating closely with the development team, RolandGlass ensured that the glass components met the hotel’s design specifications and quality standards.

Customized Glass Solutions:

Tailored to meet the specific requirements of Mondial Hotel, our glass solutions offer a perfect balance of style and functionality. From the lobby entrance to the guest room windows, RolandGlass provided customized glass products that enhance the hotel’s overall ambiance and guest experience.

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