Shtepia e Gjuetarit

Location: Dardhe/Korce
All windows (ClimaGuard Solar 3.3.1 + Transparent)
All shower cabin / 8mm Tempered glass

Shtepia e Gjuetarit

RolandGlass proudly contributed to the construction of Shtepia e Gjuetarit in Dardhe/Korce, providing premium glass solutions that enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of this residential retreat.


Step into Shtepia e Gjuetarit and experience the difference that RolandGlass’s glass solutions can make. From the expansive windows that bring the outdoors in to the sleek shower cabins that elevate the bathing experience, our contributions to this project showcase our expertise in enhancing residential spaces with premium glass products. 

Enhanced Windows:

RolandGlass supplied and installed ClimaGuard Solar 3.3.1 + Transparent glass for all windows in Shtepia e Gjuetarit. Our high-quality glass solutions offer residents unobstructed views of the surrounding landscapes while ensuring optimal thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

Stylish Shower Cabins:

Our tempered glass solutions were utilized for all shower cabins, adding a touch of elegance and durability to every bathroom. Designed to withstand daily use and provide a safe and stylish bathing experience, our glass shower cabins exemplify RolandGlass’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

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