New Printing Experience with Vitro-Jet MC4

Why Choose Roland Glass and the Vitro-Jet MC4?

A Printer for Every Need

The Vitro-Jet MC4(22/40) Type isn't just any printer—it's a game-changer in the world of digital printing. At Roland Glass, we've selected this state-of-the-art machine for its unmatched versatility, precision, and reliability. With the Vitro-Jet MC4, we're able to offer a diverse range of glass products, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled quality.

TIFT Technology:

With our patented ink recirculation system, Tecglass Ink Flow Technology (TIFT), we're able to streamline our printing processes and minimize waste. By eliminating the need for daily flushes and reducing ink and solvent consumption, TIFT allows us to focus on what matters most—delivering flawless prints that exceed your expectations.

SDT: Simultaneous Drying Technology

Our Simultaneous Drying Technology (SDT) ensures fast drying times without compromising on print quality. By drying ink simultaneously to printing, we're able to minimize downtime and increase productivity, ensuring that your orders are completed efficiently and with precision.

Key Features

Large Printing Dimensions:

  • Max. Glass Size: 2,200 mm (width) x 4,000 mm (length)
  • Min. Glass Size (Automatic Printing): 380 mm x 380 mm
  • Min. Glass Size (with Template): 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Max. Glass Thickness: 2.0 mm – 19.0 mm
  • Working Height: 935 ± 20 mm
  • Color: RAL 5010 (Machine), RAL 9002 (Details)

High Digital Resolution:

Featuring a resolution of 2880DPI, our printing device delivers unparalleled clarity and sharpness, bringing your designs to life with stunning precision.

Advanced Printing Technology:

Utilize TIFT, SDT, and VDS technologies for optimal results.

and Quality

Our printing device ensures consistent, high-quality results, making it ideal for both small-scale projects and large-scale productions.


Unlock Unlimited Creative Possibilities:

With our printing device, you have the freedom to explore new design concepts and push the boundaries of what's possible with glass.

Enhance Interior and Exterior Designs:

Elevate the aesthetics of any space with custom glass panels, decorative features, and branded elements that reflect your unique style.

Perfect for Architectural Projects and Beyond:

Whether it's creating stunning facades, intricate signage, or captivating artwork, our printing technology is designed to meet the demands of any project.

Exceptional Quality and Resolution:

Experience unmatched clarity, detail, and color accuracy with our high-resolution printing capabilities, ensuring that every project exceeds expectations.



Serigraphy patterns Lines & dots

Opaque Frames Black & white

Images in high definition

Hyper realistic images at 2880 dpi

Gradients color palette

Digital mix colors RAL, PANTONE, NCS

Our partnership with Tecglass digital, a leading company in the field, ensures that our printing device is equipped with the latest advancements and meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Since 2013, RolandGlass has been pioneering the use of digital printing technology in the glass industry. Our journey with this revolutionary technology began when we first encountered it at the Euro Asia exhibition in Istanbul. Recognizing its potential, we made a commitment to embrace the future of glass printing and set out to integrate it into our operations.


Add a touch of sophistication to interior spaces with printed glass elements such as kitchen backsplashes, shower doors, tabletops, room dividers, and wall claddings. With the ability to print high-resolution images and designs, the Vitro-Jet MC4 allows for seamless integration of customized glass features into any interior design concept.

Furniture and Fixtures:

Create unique and eye-catching furniture pieces and fixtures using printed glass surfaces. From coffee tables and countertops to shelving units and cabinet doors, the versatility of the Vitro-Jet MC4 enables the integration of personalized designs and patterns, enhancing the visual appeal of furniture and fixtures in residential and commercial settings.

Architectural Glass

Elevate the aesthetics of buildings with customized architectural glass featuring intricate designs, patterns, or company logos. Whether it’s for exterior facades, interior partitions, or decorative elements, the Vitro-Jet MC4 enables precise printing on glass panels of various sizes and thicknesses.

Automotive and Transportation:

Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of vehicles and transportation systems with printed glass components. Whether it’s automotive glass panels, interior trims, or signage for public transport, the Vitro-Jet MC4 offers the precision and durability required for printing on glass surfaces in the automotive and transportation industries.

Precision Engineering for Reliability

At Roland Glass, we understand the importance of reliability in the printing process. That’s why we’ve chosen a printer with mechanical movements in X-Y axes powered by electromagnetic linear drives. With precision engineering and advanced technology, we’re able to deliver consistent, high-quality prints with minimal maintenance requirements.

Seamless Integration for Efficiency

Our wheels conveyor system allows for seamless integration into fully automatic lines, maximizing efficiency and streamlining our production processes. Whether it’s a single print or a large-scale project, the Vitro-Jet MC4(22/40) Type ensures that every order is completed with speed and precision.

Precision Positioning for Accuracy

With our automatic positioning system, we’re able to ensure accurate placement of glass, regardless of shape or size. With high-precision sensors and advanced technology, we’re able to guarantee that every print is aligned perfectly, ensuring consistent results with every order. 

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