Toyota Albania

Location: Atostrada Tirane-Durres
ClimaGuard Solar + Transparent

Project Highlights:

RolandGlass played a pivotal role in enhancing the infrastructure of Toyota Albania’s facility along the Tirana-Durres highway, providing premium glass solutions that elevate both functionality and aesthetics.


Step into Toyota Albania’s facility and experience the difference that RolandGlass’s glass solutions can make. From improved aesthetics to enhanced functionality, our contributions to this project demonstrate our dedication to delivering premium glass solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

High-Quality Glass Solutions:

Along the bustling Tirana-Durres highway, RolandGlass supplied and installed ClimaGuard Solar + Transparent glass, offering superior clarity, durability, and weather resistance. Our glass solutions contribute to a safer and more comfortable environment for visitors and employees at the Toyota Albania facility.

Enhanced Visual Appeal:

By incorporating ClimaGuard Solar + Transparent glass into the design of Toyota Albania’s facility, RolandGlass helped enhance the visual appeal of the building. The sleek and modern appearance of our glass products adds a touch of sophistication to the surrounding landscape, reflecting Toyota’s commitment to excellence. 

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